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Many of our students enjoy their learning with Schoot and see marked improvements. Below are some testimonials.


Ms Tang is a very special teacher - she is not only my teacher but also my friend. Her classes are always full of fun and she has a way of teaching which draws the students to her lessons.

I especially enjoy her lessons on Grammar because she uses interesting ways to explain the boring & tedious rules so that they become clear and easily understood.

Through group activities and games, she makes sure we have plenty of opportunities to practise our speaking and presentation skills. That’s how my English improved tremendously over a short period of time. ​

SANG dan

Sindy used to teach me English and she has always been my favourite teacher. She loves the subject she teaches and she has an in-depth knowledge of it.

She is an excellent teacher who is witty, inspiring and encouraging. She does not merely teach from the textbooks, she makes English come alive by her unique way of teaching.

I learnt a lot and had loads of fun at the same time when I was in her class.

She is a teacher who makes you look forward to attending her next class.


Ms Tee is very patient and kind. I used to hate Chinese but my Chinese started improving after Ms Tee became my tutor. Not only does she teach well, she makes it easy for me to remember the words learnt. 

I used to be very nervous when my mum asked me to use Mandarin when ordering food in the hawker centres or Chinese restaurants. My mind would be blocked even before I opened my mouth. Now I’ve overcome my fear and can very confidently speak the language. This is thanks to my Chinese tutor, Ms Tee. She actually brought me to the food court and would stand at the side to give me help if I needed any. Now I can order almost anything in Mandarin. 




We like Mr Qian’s teaching because his lessons are so interesting. He spices up the Chinese lessons in so many different ways.


For example we will discuss topics we are interested in, he incorporates riddles, competitions, news articles, singing, movie clips ….  into our lessons, so the end result is we learn Chinese in a very relaxed way and our Chinese improved so much so quickly.


Thank you very much for engaging our service! 

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