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* IB Chinese

* AP Chinese

* YCT Chinese
* HSK Chinese

* Conversational Chinese
* Chinese for Adults

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Chinese classes


effective learning

We have 1 to 1 classes and small group classes which have only 2 to 3 students.

This allows the teacher to give each student sufficient guidance and attention.


All our teachers have the relevant qualifications and experience.

We provide quality teaching to help our students gain maximum benefit in minimum time.

PROfessional tutors

Learning is best achieved through interaction and play, hence we create plenty of opportunities for our students to interact in a fun way using the target language.

We teach more than the language, our students will be given opportunities to experience the cultural and traditional aspects of the target language too.

Our tutors bring out the best from our students and help them excel.

Schoot's effective learning approach means that our students enjoy learning Chinese / English and see noticeable improvements quickly.

small classes

  • IGCSE Chinese 
  • IB Chinese
  • YCT Chinese
  • HSK Chinese
  • Conversational Mandarin
  • Chinese for Adults
  • ESL English as 2nd Lang
  • Conversational English
  • English for Adults

Students will be assessed before placing them in the appropriate class or finding them a suitable tutor.

Regular assessments are conducted to evaluate each student's progress. Necessary adjustments will be made to the teaching style and/or the teaching material to enable effective learning for all students. 

let us help you find suitable tutors

quality teaching

To learn a language well using the right techniques is important.

At Schoot, we help our students overcome learning obstacles through fun interactive activities and innovative teaching methods.

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