the escape room Language PROGRAM


Master Mandarin or English while having FUN!

​10 hours of lessons 

Unique, Fun & Theme-based Learning Experience!

Ideal for practising the Language you want to master. 

​The anticipation of an Escape Room experience will provide an added incentive to students to be motivated in learning.


​​​Available Days & Timings:

Mondays & Wednesdays 

   9am to 11am  

​   11.30am to 1.30pm

   2pm to 4pm


Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays 

   8am to 10am  
​   10am to 12noon

Class size:

  About 4 to 9 students per class


* IGCSE Chinese
* IB Chinese

* AP Chinese

* YCT Chinese
* HSK Chinese

* Conversational Chinese
* Chinese for Adults

english classes

* PSLE English
* GCE 'O' Level English

* English as a Second Language ESL

* Conversational English
* English for Adults

* TOEFL Test

* IELTS Exam

learn in a fun & effective way
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Chinese classes

​If you are not sure if you or your child will enjoy or benefit learning in an Escape Room environment, you can sign up for a trial session (one hour).

Call 97308731 or emailcontact@schootlearning.comfor details.

​​This is a fun-packed language course where our students can learn and improve the target language through activity-based lessons that culminate with them practising their language skills through a visit to a real life Escape Room. 

All the lessons and the Escape room experience are undertaken in small groups (4 to 9 students) to ensure every student benefits fully from the course.

​The level of difficulty will be customised for each class and we advocate differentiation learning where the standard of language used and taught will be suitable for each student.

For more information, call 97308731 or fill in the form to register your interest. ​​

​If you aren't familiar with Escape Rooms, take a look at to get a glimpse of this trendy and wonderful experience.

Have Fun while learning a language 

Solve Puzzles in Highly-Rated escape Rooms

Is mastering a Language challenging and tedious? Not if lots of Fun and Intrigue are injected into the lessons. We have a unique Language Program where students will learn useful vocabulary that is then practised in a real life escape room.

The students will be immersed in a role-play environment using the target language. 

Vocabulary, phrases, sentence structure and expressions that are useful in academic situation and daily life will be covered.